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Rotork Sweden AB News - December, 2010


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Prepare for another cold winter

Winter has arrived in most parts of Sweden. Here in Falun lies the white glistening snow as a beautiful thin blanket over the landscape and it lights up the dark November surroundings.
Many of you remembers last years harsh and cold winter that made a lot of interruptions in productions and transport chains such as train services in northern Europe. We at Rotork Sweden AB are now preparing for another cold and harsh winter. We have filled the warehouse with our popular RC200 range in low temp.
The low temp actuators are
are equipped with seals and bearings in specially selected materials to ensure a long service life at low ambient temperatures.

The RC200-LT range is suitable for the ambient temperature range from
- 40°C to +60°C

The RC200-LTA range is suitable for the ambient temperature range from
- 47°C to +60°C

  RC200 Range in Low Temp

The right accessories can withstand cold better

It is not only the actuators that need to be properly equipped to cope with the cold without compromising its performance when the temperature drops. We at Rotork can for example offer our explosion proof switch box RC1990 it can work in  temperatures down to -55 ° C depending on the switches that are selected.



Staff changes in the sales department

During the fall, we restructured some of our marketing department. Some of our sellers have been given new responsibilities / markets. This change allows us to offer our customers better service.
Håkan Wiklund
Håkan has worked as an inside sales engineer at Rotork Sweden since 2007 before that he worked for 30 years of international sales into the paper and pulp industry. Håkan is now Area Sales Manager for Norway and Poland


  Håkan Wiklund  
Arjan Jacobs
is working since 2006 at Rotork Sweden. He is Area Sales Manager for Belgium and the Netherlands and he will now also assume the Danish and Austrian market.


  Arjan Jacobs  
Lars Ersson
Lars is working since 2004 as Sales Manager at Rotork Sweden. He is now also Direct Sales Manager for Finland


  Lars Ersson  
  Carl Park
Carl has since 2004 been Area Sales Manager for the southern market and will now also assume responsibility for northern Sweden. Previously worked for Emerson Process in Sweden.
  Carl Park  
Hans Ljungbergh
Hans has 20 years experience in international sales from the electronics industry and is since 2006 Area Sales Manager for the Eastern European market at Rotork Sweden.


  Hans Ljungbergh  
  Håkan Westin
Håkan has previously been Area Sales Manager for Norway.
Håkan is now  Inside Sales Engineer with focus on larger projects.
  Håkan Westin  
  Villy Groth
Villy has previously been Area Sales Manager for Denmark and Austria.
He is Sales Office Manager and also Sales Engineer for larger projects.
  Villy Groth  
  Contact information to all our sales staff can be found here.      

Rotork supports Water Aid
"Clean water and sanitation are basic rights that everyone on the planet should have access to." So reads the introductory paragraph of Water Aid's information brochure at Water Aid Sweden. We at Rotork Sweden can not but agree. We have therefore chosen to support Water Aid in their efforts to provide assistance and support to 17 of the world's poorest countries. Water is natural for us and we take it for granted but it is unfortunately not so for all people.
This year Rotork will be supporting a Water Aid project for a community in southern India with very limited access to clean water and sanitation. This project aims to reach 90 villages, 110 hamlets and 260 schools with water and sanitation.
Do you want to support Water Aid.
Then visit their website at:



Water Aid  


Rotork has a selection of videos posted on You Tube. Please visit our site and check out our videos here.



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