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Remote Control Scotch Yoke actuators
in the foodstuff industry and the production of
vegetable oil – vodka – sugar – gelatine - beer
Aarhus Karlshamn Denmark A/S

Aarhus Karlshamn is producing vegetable oil and fat for the foodstuff Industries world wide.

In the plant there are about 1000 units of Remote Control’s pneumatic Actuators in use, both for regulating and on-off.

The valve units are delivered by Valtor Industri A/S and consists of Mecafrance ball valves from DN 15 to DN200 and Vamein butterfly valves from DN50 to DN400.

Many on-off valves are equipped with Remote Control’s Switch Box RCE4L and the regulating valves with PMV Positioner.
V & S Absolut Spirits plant in Sweden

V & S Absolut Spirits produces the Swedish Vodka Absolut which is exported world wide.

The production of the year 2006 was 88 million litres.

In the plant actuators from Remote Control are being used. The picture shows RC240-DA with Switch Box RCE4L mounted on DN65 valves from MecaFrance for on-off application. The valve units continually regulate the process flow for the production of the Swedish Vodka but some valves are used for by-pass and water for washing up.

RC240-DA mounted on MecaFrance ball valves DN 65 in the evaporation segment where the “drank”, which is a bi-product, is dehydrated to a dry substance of 5-30%.

One of the advantages with Remote Control’s compact Scotch Yoke actuators is that they occupy so little space when space is limited.
Danisco Sugar
The sugar plant Danisco Sugar in Sweden is one of the largest and most up-to-date sugar plants in Europe. In the production approx. 17.500 tons of sugar beets are processed daily.
RC280-SR mounted on SOMAS metal-seated butterfly valves MTV400. The RC-actuators are equipped with Remote Control “Safety Lock” for safe blocking and locking of the valves during maintenance. Limit indication is delivered by Inductive Limit Switches RC IND. The valves are mounted in the evaporation segment and are used during the shut-down of centrifugal pumps.

Remote Control Spring Return actuator RC88-SR with ”Safety Lock”, mounted on SOMAS VSS 600 metal-seated butterfly valves. The valves are located in the line where the beet juice is pumped through a heat exchanger.
Remote Control "Safety Lock" for safe blocking and locking of the valves during e.g. maintenance work on down-stream valves

RC Safety Lock facilitates safe locking of the valve in the desired end position, open or closed. The locking is done with a device, where various service engineers can attach their own padlock and lock the valve.

As many as six different padlocks are possible i.e. six different service engineers can each one independently lock the valve and perform service at different sites throughout the plant.
Remote Control actuators installed in gelatine production

The GELITA Group’s factory in Sweden produces gelatine of highest quality. The gelatine is used in various areas, e.g. by manufacturers of foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products.

The picture shows washing up liquid being administered for the cleaning of holding tanks. RC220-SR Spring Return actuators are mounted on Worchester DN15 ball valves. Limit indication is delivered by Inductive Limit Switches RC IND. The process is controlled by a PLC. After completed cleaning the small RC220-SR actuator, on the far left in the picture, regulates a valve which flushes the lines clean.

All Remote Control’s actuators were installed during the years 1990-1995 and are still in operation.

Softening filter for boiling water with silt and desalting filter. Several of Remote Control’s actuators of different sizes with RC IND Inductive Limit Switches are mounted on Worchester valves from DN25 to DN50. These regulate flushing water, back-flushing and shut-off valves.
Remote Control pneumatic actuators in breweries
Spendrups is a Swedish brewery enterprise which produces approx. 130 000 000 litres of beer per year.

Remote Control RC220-DA with RC IND Inductive Limit Switches and Lucifer solenoid valve on Keystone soft-seated butterfly valve DN100. The application is located under a lauter-tun where the wort is filtered in order to then be refined further in the wort kettle.

RC250-DA mounted on Keystone butterfly valve. The picture clearly shows that Remote Control’s compact Scotch-Yoke actuator is highly suitable in applications where space is limited. The application is during pumping in the beer production.
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