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RCT – The Corrosive Environment Alternative worth the Expense
Ship Applications – Offshore – Onshore – Petrochemical
A common problem with applications in corrosive environments is that the actuators often and in a short time break down due to the corrosion. This means unplanned and costly shutdowns of the production. It has therefore been customary to use heavy, Epoxy-treated steel or stainless actuators.
Clearly more advantageous is the use of Remote Control’s aluminium actuators in the RCT series. The RCT has received a special treatment for maximum corrosion protection. Among the advantages with an RCT actuator from Remote Control is that it has the same low weight as a standard aluminium actuator along with a price well below the cost of an actuator made from steel or stainless steel. The RCT actuators are available from 10 Nm to 7600 Nm at 6 bar of working pressure.
The RCT actuators from Remote Control have a patented surface treatment which involves the parts being hard-anodized. Hereby the surface structure is sealed with PTFE in an oven-process. The surface is thereby made very hard, more than 60HRC, and also water-resistant, wear-resistant and it will not peel as a painted surface does. In addition to this, the surface treatment received through this process will cover the entire surface all around, even inside air ducts and the likes of these. Salt Spray Tests also show that the RCT actuators withstand over 2000 hours without noticeable effect from corrosion.

The Remote Control RCT actuators are suitable for applications in corrosive environments with a neutral pH (pH7). As in e.g. coastal areas (even tropical climate), wet applications in paper machines and wash halls as well as onboard ships.

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Petrochemical Industry

Since 1998 more than 750 of Remote Control’s pneumatic actuators have been delivered to petrochemical industries in Taiwan. Remote Control RTC220 to RC88, both DA and SR designs, are used for on-off and regulating. The actuators are mounted on the DN50 to DN500 butterfly valves from Value Valves. Many of the RCT actuators are equipped with Remote Control manual override RC-M1. End-user client is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of PVC with 7 different production units among these Yi Lan and Mai-Lia in Taiwan as well as Nin Bo in The Peoples Republic of China.
Ship Turbines in Container Ships Service Ships
Remote Control RCT260-SR and RCT270-SR in high-temperature design with Remote Control manual override RC-M1. The actuators are equipped with speed- control blocks for simple calibration of the operating time. RCT actuators have been mounted on ball sector valves and metal-seated butterfly valves from Somas, DN50 to DN300, for regulation of the gas turbine’s RPM. Adjustable end-of-travel stops make it possible to fine-calibrate the closing angle so that the valve disc is perfectly seated. This is especially important with metal-seated butterfly valves, which hereby reaches optimal function as far as both tightness and life-expectancy is concerned. One of the world’s leading maritime service companies is using Remote Control’s RCT actuators for outdoor applications on ships for Nitrogen systems. RTC220 and RTC230 are mounted on Mars stainless ball valves and also on Bray Control’s stainless butterfly valves.
Other accessories:
Remote Control RCE4 switch box, Namur Solenoid valves for on/off or positions and 2/2 way Solenoid valves for regulating and shut down in emergency. Filter regulator for securing stable air supply pressure (which is necessary for stable operating times).
Ro-Ro Ships  
Remote Control actuator RCT230-SR in low-temperature design (-40C / -40 F) with Remote Control RC1990 Switch box for Ex-environment EEx d IIC T6 and Remote Control RCE4L-TU for non-Ex-environment. 56 units of the RCT actuator are mounted on ventilation valves with dimensions up to DIN 1000. The equipment is regulating the ventilation in engines and cargo holds on the 160 m long ships, which have a capacity of approx. 3200 cars each. The choosing of equipment was done with great care since it is an environment with noticeable salinity, low temperatures and Ex-classed zone.
Offshore in Kazakhstan  
Remote Control’s pneumatic actuator RCT250-SR in low-temperature design with stainless switch box and Lucifer Solenoid valve.
The picture above shows a Remote Control RCT actuator mounted on the Alfa Valvole DN 80 / Class 300 stainless ball valve, for automatic shut-off of the gas-supply to Siemens SGT600 gas turbine.
Eltacon Engineering, The Netherlands, have delivered three complete “skids”, entirely in stainless steel, to the Caspian Sea for an offshore plant FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading), for filtration, pressure-reduction and regulating natural gas. The valves are dimensioned for 45 bar and the RCT actuators are working in the temperature range of -40C to +55C / -40 F to +131 F.
Offshore the North Sea
Since 1993 Remote Control RCT actuators are used on the Troll oil field in Norway. Approx. 96 units of RCT240 to RCT280, both double-action and single-action, are mounted on ball valves for water treatment. The valves from Perar and Xomox have the dimensions DN50 to DN200.

High demands are made on oil platforms. Remote Control actuators are mounted in an outdoor environment with strong winds and saltwater. In the Customer Specification it was stated that the maximum weight was not to be exceeded. Remote Control had the solution – the customer chose light-weight corrosion-resistant aluminium actuators in the RCT series.

An inspection on the oil platform in 2003 showed that the Remote Control RCT actuators were free from corrosion. All RCT actuators are still in operation.
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