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Remote Control in cooperation with
world class German valve manufacturers
German valves are delivered to projects around the world. The competition is difficult both technically and commercially.
The technical & commercial demands are high for both valve and actuator manufacturers.
Remote Control Germany has been supporting their customers since 1988 with:
  • Actuators from stock
    Quick deliveries
  • Complex customised solutions
    Increased competitiveness for our customers
  • Wide range of actuators and accessories
    Tailor made solutions for all needs and wants
  • Consideration of technical revisions for customer optimized price and performance
    Flexibility, when dealing with international project
  • Own work shop for mounting, assembly & test
    All technical solutions, even more complicated project requirements
Some typical examples showing how Remote Control Actuators are used together with German valves:
Company Perrin, (Nidderau, Germany)

We receive an urgent inquiry from Perrin regarding a project in China for various ball valves to be sized with Remote Control Actuators. After two days Remote Control presented the solution for this very demanding application in a Coal gasification plant. Demands included; quick operating times, corrosive environment, ambient temperatures down to -30 °C / -22 °F and large air volumes. This put very high demands on the whole package, accessories of high grade acid proof steel, long life cycle time and high performance had to be provided.

Total order was for 54 Remote Control Actuators. The largest spring return actuators RCC519-SR gives a torque of 54 000 Nm, and are
4 meters long and have a weight of 1, 75 tons.
Within three month the entire order was ready for shipment. All technical requirements are fulfilled and the required delivery time is kept. The photos shows Remote Control RCC500-series Actuators, here double acting actuators RCC513-DA, RCC526-DA and single acting RCC516-SR with spring return. Accessories are from ASCO, Midland, PMV, Soldo, WIKA and Norgren. Remote Control actuators are mounted on Perrin ball valves from DN 1” to DN 8” and Class 300 to Class 900.
Company Ebro (Hagen,Germany)

Shown here is Remote Control actuators RC88-DA mounted on Ebro’s Teflon lined butterfly valves DN900. Application is for a nickel mine in New Caledonia, Australia. The actuators equipped with ASCO ex-proof solenoid valves 24VDC, Norgren B73 filter regulators, Twist set switch boxes and stainless steel piping. Actuators and valve mounting kits are epoxy painted.
Company Zauner Automation, (Landau,Pfalz, Germany)
This order to Zauner Automation with yellow painted Remote Control Actuators for a local engineering company for gas measuring and control stations. The automated valves are to be installed in a local urban net for gas supply. On/Off control is built in into stainless steel cabins. The control system is also known as Low or High Pilot control for different input pressures. All units are also equipped with air tanks for fail safe operation in case of emergency. The Remote Control Actuators RC240 > RC280 are here with reinforced epoxy painting.
Company Adams, (Herne, Germany)

This butterfly valve manufacturer has an order with the paper industry. The special demand for this application is short operating time of 3 seconds. During still standing the surplus steam has to be led into a bypass in order to ensure constant steam pressure in the entire plant net.

The demand was met by the Remote Control actuator RCG100-DAQ.
Remote Control has competence and a motivated team

The customer is our priority; we will always do our best for our customers.

The picture shows the Remote Control team in Germany (from the left): Martin Hilgers, Marco Desogus, Caglar Dogan, Jürgen Brautschek, Dr. Wolfgang Funk, Aleksandra Boljevcic, Nedim Dogan, Mehmet Evgotürem, Ronald Langenbeck, Roland Lehmann, Andre Loch, Frank Heinrichs (with daughter) and Yvonne Lademacher. Not on the photo: Norbert Beringer, Thorsten Lademacher and Andreas Löwe.

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