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Remote Control wishes everyone welcome to OE 2007
OFFSHORE EUROPE Oil & Gas Conference & Exhibition
September 4th - 7th in Aberdeen, Scotland
The OE 2007 exhibition attracts a global audience of decision makers, oil & gas industry leaders and engineers, and offers a meeting place to view the latest technology that will be used in the future.

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Remote Control displays various valve actuators from our product lines in stand no 937:
    RCC steel valve actuator
  • Robust design
  • Scotch Yoke design for high torques and compact size
  • Available as Double acting or Single acting with spring return
  • Available in Fire Safe design
  • Can be painted according to customer specifications
  • ISO mounting face for valve
  • NAMUR mounting face for easy mounting of accessories
    RCTP for choke valves
  • Robust cast iron design
  • Available for pneumatic or hydraulic service
  • Accurate single step operation of choke valves
  • Up to 27 steps/turn
  • Other details include acid-proof material for extreme environments
  • Can be installed in Hazardous Zones
  • Can be tailor-made according to customer specification
Remote Control (UK) have won the contract to supply actuation packages
for the Petrofac Chergui project, Tunisia
The Chergui gas field, located on and around Kerkennah Island, near Sfax, Tunisia, was discovered as part of the West Kerkennah exploration permit granted in the late 1970’s with preliminary reserves estimates of approximately 50 billion standard cubic feet (SCF) under the anticipated development programme. Petrofac’s share of the investment required to complete the development is expected to be approximately $20 million. The construction of a 20 million SCF per day central production facility and a 57km pipeline to shore is already underway, the completion of which will be managed by Petrofac. Commencement of production from the field is expected during 2007. Produced gas is to be delivered to Société Tunisienne d’Electricité et Gaz (STEG).
Remote Control (UK) will supply actuation packages for Pneumatic quarter turn application. Due to the extreme environment in which these units will operate the Remote Control RCC series actuators has been chosen for it´s ability to perform in offshore environments. The RCC pneumatic steel actuators are mounted on Carbon steel Ball Valves ranging from 1” to 8” for actuation in order to complete three different design criteria:
  • Shutdown Valve
  • Blowdown Valve
  • Failsafe arrangement

Remote Control RCC500
Remote Control also integrates in the scope of supply:
  • Control system packages including solenoid valves, filter regulators and positioners. Explosion proof design EEx d, zone 1, group 2B, class T3
  • Air accumulator tanks for three cycles. Tank volumes 11/50 litre
  • Partial stroking devices
All complete units are tested at Remote Control (UK) automation center/ facilites before shipment to Tunisia.
Remote Control (UK) chosen to supply full actuation packages to
SAUDI ARAMCO & SUMITOMO Rabigh Refinery, Saudi Arabia
Foster Wheeler has been appointed by Saudi Aramco and Sumitomo Chemical for the engineering, design and project management of a world-class integrated refining and petrochemical facility in Rabigh.

The current production is 400,000 barrels per day at the existing Rabigh Refinery Complex on the west coast of Saudi Arabia.
Remote Control (UK) will supply actuation packages for quarter turn pneumatic & multi turn electric applications. Due to the extreme environment in which these units will operate, the Remote Control RCT and RCG range actuators with Viton seals have been chosen for their ability to perform under extreme environmental conditions.

Remote Control RCT & RCG series pneumatic actuators are mounted on ball valves for cryogenic and normal services. Electric actuators are mounted on gate valves. Valves ranging from 2” to 12”.
Remote Control RCG
Remote Control actuation packages also include positioners, filter regulators and air accumulator tanks for secure operation in the event of air failure. All complete units are thoroughly tested at Remote Control (UK) before shipment.

The new Saudi Aramco and Sumitomo refinery extension will process atmospheric residue from the existing refinery, produced by distillation of Arabian Light crude. This is processed in the new facility via a vacuum distillation unit to produce vacuum gasoil, which is hydrotreated to maximise light olefin potential and allow low sulphur gasoline to be produced directly off the high olefins fluid catalytic cracker (HOFCC). The HOFCC produces light olefins and high-octane naphtha suitable for gasoline blending.

The ethane cracker will produce ethylene product from pipeline ethane feedstock. The HOFCC will produce polymer grade propylene. Downstream petrochemical units will produce polyethylene, polypropylene, propylene oxide and mono-ethylene glycol.
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