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Remote Control Pneumatic Actuators Installed in a New District Heating Plant
Remote Controls RC200 series actuators, installed in a new district heating plant located in Falun Sweden have been in operation since the beginning of 2007. The actuators are installed on valves used for on-off and modulating applications in the plant. The plant has the capacity to produce 60MW for heating and 18MW for electricity. The plant utilizes new HYBEX boilers with BFB (Fluidized Bed Boilers) technology. The boilers are fired with locally produced biomass, such as bark, sawdust and wood chips. Utilizing this type of technology the plant is environmentally friendly and doing it’s part to combat global warming.

All Remote Control actuators for On-Off are adapted to ASI-bus for communication between indicator and control system. Remote Control modulating actuators with positioners are adapted to Profibus PA.
  • Modulation of combustion air to the boiler. Secondary air with re-circulation of exhaust
  • Remote Control actuator RC250-SR with PMV positioner mounted on DN500 damper
  • Ammonium injection to the boiler for reducing the NOx-outlets
  • RC210-SR and RC220-SR pneumatic actuators are mounted on ball valves DN15 to DN25
  • Seven valves are used in this application
  • Compressed air flow to the bottom ash cones. The air prevents ash from being stuck in the cones
  • RC240-SR actuator mounted on NAF DN50 ball valves
  • Indication IFM AC2316
  • Four valves for each cone
  • Control of primary air to external Hybex beams. The primary air outlet is cooling the external panels of the boiler.
    The flow reduces at low load
  • RC250-SR mounted on DN500 damper
  • Indicator IFM AC2316. ASI-bus for all On-Off functions
  • Filling of ammonium in storage tank. Ammonium reduces NOx-outlet from the combustion
  • RC250-SR actuator with Remote Control RCE4 switch box mounted on DN80 ball valve at the filling side
  • RC220-SR actuator with Remote Control RCE4 switch box mounted on DN50 ball valve at the return side
Remote Control is open during the whole summer and well prepared to deliver actuators.
We wish you all a nice and pleasant summer!
Next News mail follows end of August and will contain information concerning the OE 2007 exhibition in Aberdeen, Scotland.
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