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Remote Control welcomes you to Helsinki, Finland and PulPaper 2007
6th International Exhibition for Suppliers to the Pulp, Paper, Board and Converting Industries
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Remote Control will have on display a selection Pneumatic Scotch Yoke Actuators with Accessories.
The Electric Actuator RCEL will also be included along with a range of various accessories.

If you want to make an appointment for a visit at the exhibition or maybe have questions you would like to discuss then send an email to sales@remotecontrol.se and we will assist you.

Our brochure for RC200 actuators is now available in even more languages, including among others Finnish and Russian.

Please click here to visit our online collection of brochures.
Remote Control high quality pneumatic actuators - for safe processes in pulp and paper mills
Remote Control RCG100-SR in epoxy painted ductile iron assembled on ball sector valve DN400 / PN10.

This application in a pulp mill modulates the supply of steam to the impregnition vessel.

The steam supplied from the boiler is used to heat up the wood chips to between 130 -140 C / 266 - 284 F. The process softens up the wood chips therefore making them more absorbent for the white liquor in later processing step.
Remote Control actuators RC210 - RC240 are shown assembled on On-Off ball valves DN10 - DN50, located in the coating kitchen in the paper mill. Here is the coating mixture which is used to increase the quality of the paper manufactured. Actuators and valves are dosing different ingredients in to the mixer.

Our Switch box RC-E4L has two micro switches for indicating open and closed valve. The robust design and IP67 classification makes the box suitable for the most varying environments. RC-E4L has two cable entries and extra terminals for wiring of solenoid valve that makes extra junction boxes redundant.

The switch boxes are also available with inductive sensors and ATEX-classification.
The photo shows an application of the refiner with Remote Control actuator RC260-DA and RC265-DA assembled on a metal seated butterfly valve.

The pulp is ground to a finer grade before the next step in the process.

Here is a butterfly valve used as by-pass valve, for start up, close down or if any problems with the refiner should occur.
Remote Control actuator RC250-DA with manual override unit
RC-M1. The actuator is in high temperature version.

RC-M1 is often used for upstream valves in different process systems where for instance a demand for the possibility to block the valves in closed position to ensure safe and lockable shutdown by repair and service jobs in the down stream pipe system.

This application is used in order to adjust the back pressure of the circulation of the starch.

Due to high temperature and the risk of heat radiation and associated personal injury the ball valve is encapsulated.
Remote Control electric actuators modulates the temperature in the paper mills switch gear
Remote Control electric actuators RCEL006 and RCEL019 in modulation version assembled on ball sector valves DN15 –DN80. The application modulates both heat and cooling to the switch gear via heat exchanger. The refrigerant consists of water / glycol. The tubes are isolated with armaflex.

Our intelligent electronic positioner has a resolution of 450 points per 90 and can be equipped with different feed back transmitter modules for 4-20 mA with or without relay out put.
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