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Welcome to visit Remote Control in stand 1173 at the
Offshore Technology Conference 2007
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Remote Control Twin Power pneumatic / hydraulic multi-turn actuators –
for Offshore, Refineries, Petrochemical and Process industries
Remote Control Twin Power actuators are often supplied to Offshore, Refineries, Petrochemical and Process industries. These environments can be contaminated, explosive or extreme temperatures. The actuators can be supplied in several different designs depending on customer requirements.
The Twin Power actuator for choke valves is used by various oil and gas customers around the world. Some references: Control Components, CCI, Cameron Ireland, Weir Valves. The RCTP can be provided with our standard RC1990 switch box in EEx d IIC T4/T5/T6 or EEx ib IIC T5/T6 version.
Below is an example from a refinery where different grades of Bitumen are piped from from the distillery directly to the holding tank. The Remote Control Twin Power actuators are mounted on gate valves with on-off function. The valve is open during the manufacturing process and closes when the tank is filled to required level. A signal from potential free switches is transferred to a field-bus signal to the customers Delta V-system. Solenoid valves are wall mounted and connected to RCTP via air pipes. All equipment in intrinsically safe design.
Remote Control Twin Power and solenoid valves adapted for field-bus signals to customer Delta V-system via Fieldbus Foundation.
Remote Control Twin Power actuators are supplied to a refinery, sea side located in the Middle East, with ambient temperatures ranging over +40 °C.

Constant winds "sandblast” both valve and actuator in this tough environment.

The RCTP actuator with its modular and corrosion resistance design is especially suitable for this type of application. Electric actuators are more complicated with electric components which can be a problem at high temperatures during long periods.

This refinery, with increased demands for environment and production, ordered Remote Control Twin Power pneumatic multi-turn actuators with continuously feed-back signals 4-20 mA. The valves are constantly controlled from the control room. RCTP can easily be adjusted for required operating time to avoid pipe surges.

A great advantage is that the pneumatic RCTP actuators are very easily mounted at site without rebuilding the valves. Electric actuators often demands rebuilding.
Epoxycoated Remote Control Twin Power actuator with stainless solenoid valves, filter regulator and junction box
with R/I transmitter (from Ohm to 4-20 mA).
Why our customers choose Remote Control Twin power Actuators
Remote Control Twin power is a reliable, proven actuator with a recognised reputation in the Oil & Gas as well as other Process Industries.

RCTP´s compactness is often a significant consideration since space for actuators is very limited on Platforms and in process plants.

RCTP`s modular design makes it very flexible and adaptable to the most varying demands. For Choke valves the RCTP is equipped for stepping function with an accuracy of 27 steps per turn. For instance a valve with 18 turns from closed to open position this gives a resolution of 486 steps for the full operation.

In the program of Accessories are among other things ATEX approved Switchboxes and Solenoid Valves for Hazardous Areas, Pipes and Fittings in Acid proof Stainless Steel along with Visual Valve Position Indicators. RCTP has a very good corrosion protection as standard, can also be painted according to customer specification such as NORSOK etc.
Remote Control Twin Power pneumatic multi-turn actuators for butterfly, gate, slide, ball and plug valves.
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