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Remote Control Actuators
Installed in Water Supply Plants.
Drinking water has highest priority worldwide. Remote Control Scotch Yoke actuators are often installed for both on/off and regulating. Water plants are clean and the most beautiful ones even have tile and mosaics floor!
The picture shows the filtering station at a water plant in a middle sized city in Europe. Four similar water plants in the region have been automated. More than three hundred pneumatic actuators in our RC200-series have been mounted and taken into service.
The RC200 actuators are close coupled to the butterfly valves. Switch boxes give signals at open or closed position. The solenoid valves are according to Namur standard and have sintered silencers in both venting ports.

When long water pipe lines booster pumps are required. Pre-fabrication gives simple and quick mounting of the tube system. Test run can be made of valves with actuators in advance. For this project two minor societies with a population of estimated 24.000 citizens will get drinking water from the water plant. Remote Control RCEL electric actuators are in use both for on-off and regulating.

Pre-fabricated modules with valves
and RCEL electric actuators.
A smaller water plant supplies 45,000 citizens in 13,600 households with drinking water. The flow is approx. 11 Million litre / 2,9 Million US Gallons water every twenty-four hours and is distributed through 504 Miles water-pipes.
The valves are mounted under the floor in a filtering hall. Each valve has a stem extension up to 2 Metres. The mounting kits for the actuators are welded to the steel frames for the inspection covers.

The water-pipes with incoming water have a length of 7,5 Miles and dimension DN500 / DN 20”. Ball segment valves are mounted on several pipes and the Remote Control actuators with electro-pneumatic positioners continuously regulates the water flow to different filters.
Remote Control offers pneumatic and electric actuators for water supply and purifying plants for on-off and regulating. We are pleased to offer our customers sizing, mounting, start-up and service.
Next coming exhibition for Remote Control is the OTC.07,
April 30 to May 3
Offshore Technology Conference 2007, Houston, Texas, USA.
Stand No 1173. www.otcnet.org/2007
Further information follows in News Mail No. 15 in the end of April.
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