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Remote Control RCC Actuators Installed in
Offshore and Onshore Applications
Remote Control Scotch Yoke actuators in RCC200 and RCC500 series are used in both Offshore and Onshore applications. Our large RCC500 series actuators can be provided in canted or symmetric Scotch Yoke design. The RCC series have steel cylinders, epoxy painted or offshore coated according to customer specification, e.g. Norsok or Maersk. RCC actuators are provided in double acting or single acting with spring return, fail open or fail close design.
RCC200 actuator operates by compressed air or low pressure hydraulics. RCC500 is available as high pressure hydraulics.
RCC actuators can be supplied with our RC1990 explosion proof switch box, enclosure EEx dIIC T6/T5/T4 or intrinsically safe design
EEx ib IIC T5/T6. Remote Control can mount solenoid valves and switch boxes according to our customers specification.
Some references: Maersk Denmark, Statoil Norway (Heidrun), Philips Norway (Ekofisk), SOHAR Aluminium Oman (Power Plant-Ph. 1).
RCC500 large actuators with hydraulic manual override on Class # 600 ball valves with Instrument panel and RC 1990 switch box.
All mounting of actuators and function-tests were done at Remote Control in Germany.
Remote Control TWIN POWER
Stepping Rotary Multi-turn Actuators for Choke Valves
Remote Control TP actuators are used in Offshore and Onshore choke valve installations. Available in pneumatic or hydraulic design, with torques up to 800Nm. The RC TP is a step-by-step adjustable actuator with high precision and has 18 or 27 steps per turn.
The reliable TP actuator allows field conversion from manual to actuated operation without disassembly of the valve. Remote Control TP actuators are not required to withstand the thrust loads as these loads are contained by the valve bonnet.
If you have old Telektron stepping actuators you can easily replace these actuators with Remote Control TWIN POWER series.
The TP actuator is provided with our standard RC1990 switch box in EEx dIIC T6/T5/T4 or intrinsically safe design EEx ib IIC T5/T6. Different switches and feed back positions can be offered. The actuator is provided with visual indication, linear or rotating, and graduated in percentage adapted to the valve.

Electric and visual indicator is available. Adaptive from 3 to 550 valve turns. Solenoid valves, filter regulator, tubing and connectors are in stainless steel AISI316 (A4) or according to customer specification.
RCTP - Electric and visual indication.
The TWIN POWER series actuator has a very flexible design and is used by various oil and gas customers around the world. Our rugged RC TP design provides reliability from the cold and tough climate of the Nordic Sea oil rigs to the warm and humid environments of oil rigs in Indonesia.
Some of our OEM customers using our TP actuators are: Control Components Inc, CCI (Austria and USA), Cameron Ireland, Weir Valves & Controls UK Ltd, Virago Valves (The Netherlands).
Some end customers using Remote Control TWIN POWER actuators are: Shell, Statoil Stafjord Platform, Petrobel Belayim Petroleum Port Foud West-2, CNOOC SES Southeast Sumatra Gas Project, Maersk.

The customers specify the required accessories.

Remote Control delivers complete actuator packages with solenoid valves, switch box and piping.
All are tested in Remote Control workshop prior to delivery.
Remote Control at the MEOS 2007 Oil & Gas. Click for information.
Remote Control certificates and approvals: www.remotecontrol.se/certificates
Remote Control drawings: www.remotecontrol.se/download
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