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Remote Control Actuators in low temperature design
installed in Siberia, Russia and Alberta, Canada.
Our customers choose Remote Control RC200 and RCG actuators in low temperature design when they need actuators for tough applications.

A gas refinery in Siberia has installed more than one hundred Remote Control Scotch Yoke Actuators on various high performance valves. The demands are very high on actuators and accessories under these extreme conditions and climate.
All Remote Control actuators in this installation are designed for low temperature applications.
RCG100-DA with RC-M1 manual override and RC1990 Switch Box mounted on cryogenic valves.
Remote Control in Falun, Sweden, mounted the actuators on valves of ANSI Class #150 and Class #300 sized from DN 1” / DN 25 to
DN 16” / DN 400. They are special manufactured metal tightened low temperature “cryogenic” valves with enhanced packing boxes.
All Remote Control actuators have RC-M1 manual overrides. The requirement is that all actuators have valid Russian certificates.
RC200 / RCG Scotch Yoke Actuators
RTN (Ros Tech Nadzor) Certification
GOST R Certification
Please click to download the certificates (PDF):
The customer chose Remote Control explosion proof Switch Box RC1990 because of the robust construction, all fine references and the necessary and valid Russian Ex-certificates. All tubing and solenoid valves are in stainless steel. Enclosure EExd IIC T6.
RC1990 Switch Box
RTN (Ros Tech Nadzor) Explosion Proof Certification
GOST R Certification
Please click to download the certificates (PDF):
Cold from piping sometimes covers the actuators in ice. The pictures show Remote Control actuators with positioners mounted on ball segment valves. The RC actuators work all the time in spite of the ice build up.
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RC240-SR spring return actuators with RC-M1 manual overrides and positioners mounted on ball segment valves.
Advantages with Remote Control Actuators:
  • RC Actuators are available in low temperature design.
  • RC-M1 manual override is integrated in the end cap of the actuator, which gives a very compact unit with minimum weight.
  • Remote Control Scotch Yoke actuators consume less air compared to other types of actuators, which is more cost-effective for the customer and also environment friendly.
  • RC200, RCG and RC1990 have ATEX certificates and Russian Ex-certificates.
From Remote Control (USA):
Located in the North of Canada the huge Long Lake Project has been established. This Nexen & OPTI Canada site will produce 60,000 barrels/day of premium synthetic crude oil from the enormous oil sands fields in Alberta. It is a high technology operation which requires high quality equipment. The temperature can reach lows down to -45 C / -50 F. To have valve actuators working under these conditions they have to be made and built according to low temperature specifications.
Through Romag Controls, our distributor in Canada, Remote Control actuators were specified for certain applications. Remote Control (USA) built several automated packages designed for low temperature -45 C / -50 F.
The Remote Control actuators were mounted on cryogenic butterfly control valves and have Foundation Fieldbus positioners, stainless steel piping, and filter regulators. The RC200 actuator - butterfly valve combinations are used in the cryogenic cold box processing units.
RC260SR-80 with FF Positioner, Limit Switch and S/S Filter Regulator.
The Long Lake Project has seen the first application of large-scale gasification in Canada. The air separation unit, constructed by Air Liquide, will supply 3,900 metric tons per day of oxygen. This is one of the largest single-train facilities in the world. Air Liquide is one of the leaders in industrial and medical gases. Remote Control actuators have been used for a number of Air Liquide projects in the past with great success.
Air Liquide used Remote Control RC200 and RCC500 series spring return Scotch Yoke actuators for the Long Lake Project.
All actuators are fitted with Foundation Fieldbus positioners, stainless steel piping, stainless steel FR-units and stainless steel solenoid valves for quick operation.
RCC500 Series Spring Return actuator with FF Positioner, Limit Switch and Solenoids for quick stroking speed.
The customer chose Remote Control Actuators with low temperature specification. All accessories including mounting kits were mounted on the actuators by Remote Control (USA). All units were carefully tested before delivery and the customer could easily mount the actuators on the valves.
Delivery in time for such a big project like the Long Lake Project is very important. Remote Control delivered all complete actuator packages in good time according to the customer delivery schedule.
Find out more of the Long Lake Project: More information of the Canadian Oil Sands Project:
www.nexeninc.com/files/streaming/opti512k.html www.longlake.ca/project/project.asp
You will find all Remote Control certificates and approvals on our website:
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