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Remote Control scotch yoke actuators are
used in several natural gas transfer stations.
One of our customers - a valve manufacturer - ordered 28 pcs Remote Control scotch yoke actuators complete with Special Customized Control Systems. The final customer in the Middle East is constructing several natural gas transfer stations at a gas field far out in the desert. The valves and actuators are installed with ambient temperature from -10 °C to +50 °C in the shade.
The RC actuator to the far right in the picture (RCC500C-SR-MP) for 38,000 Nm has a length of 3,5m.
The Remote Control actuators were fitted to ANSI Class 1500 ball valves in 5 sizes from DN 10” / DN 250 up to DN 32” / DN 800.
All valves are for On/Off service. For this project the required torque range was from 3.700 Nm up to 38.000 Nm. Some of the actuator and valve combinations where equipped with air tanks for safe operation even without air supply. The ball valves were sent to Remote Control where the mounting of actuators and test runs took place and all actuators were approved to follow the given specifications. Remote Control arranged the direct shipment to the customer’s site.
Remote Control actuator series:
All actuators have manual override and canted Scotch Yoke.
12 pcs RC88-DAM, Double acting with air tank having enough volume for minimum 5 cycles by air failure.
6 pcs RCG100-SRM1, Single acting with spring return.
5 pcs RCC500C-SR-MP, Single acting with spring return.
5 pcs RCC500C-DA-MP, Double acting with air tank having enough volume for minimum 5 cycles by air failure.

Control panel
Control System with Local Control option mounted within a special control panel box.
Stainless steel solenoid valves, filter regulators and RC1990 switch box. All equipment is for Ex-classified area and has EEx d IIC T6 approval.
Air tank sizes for 5 cycles:
300 Litres: RC88-DAM (12 units)
1000 Litres: RCC500-DA-MP (5 units)
RCC500C-DA-MP, length 2,3m. RC1990 switch box and control panel box manufactured by Remote Control to customer's specification.
Remote Control service engineers were on site assisting the customer during the startup period.
The Middle East customer was satisfied with the first delivery of our actuator packages and with “Remote Control delivery-on-time".
They have honored us with repeat orders for the same project. These orders were also delivered on time, all according to the customer’s construction schedules.
You will find all Remote Control certificates and approvals on our website:
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