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RCC200 Series
Small and compact pneumatic steel actuators for ball valves – dampers – plug valves.
For both on-off and regulating.

Explosion-proof Switch Box RC1990 in cast iron.


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The RCC200 series offers our customers a small pneumatic steel actuator for oil rigs - offshore, oil-fields - onshore, refineries and other demanding applications. We use the RC-Scotch Yoke technology which gives compact and strong units with small dimensions and low weight. Actuators in the RCC200 series are double acting RCC200-DA or single acting RCC200-SR with spring return – spring closes or spring opens.

Actuators with good corrosion resistance.

The RCC200 series have cylinders and endplates in steel, drive shaft and screws in stainless steel. Available in RC standard epoxy-painting or other customer specification, e.g. NORSOK offshore standard.
RCC200 pneumatic steel actuator.
Some technical data
Max pressure: 10 bar / 145 psi
Temp        - 20 C to   +80 C /    -5 F to +175 F
Low temp - 40 C to   +60 C /  -40 F to +140 F
High temp     0 C to +150 C / +30 F to +300 F
Torque at 6 bar working pressure:
RCC200 DA 38 – 910 Nm / 336 lbf. in. – 8,053 lbf. in.
RCC200 SR 12 – 305 Nm / 106 lbf. in. – 2,699 lbf. In.
Fitting accessories: VDI/VDE 3845, NAMUR
Fitting to valve: ISO 5211

The RCC200 series is CE-marked according to the ATEX Directive.
Explosion proof Switch Box, Arctic approved down to - 50 C / - 58 F
Our customers choose a strong Ex-proofed Switch Box in cast iron when using RCC200 steel actuators.
RC1990 is epoxy painted
RC1990 Switch Box have housing in cast iron and drive shaft in stainless steel.
Standard painting in epoxy or other customer specification.
Enclosure: IP66/67
Temp: Approved at -50 C to + 110 C / -58 F to +230 F
Switches: According to customer specification
ATEX ExGOST R & RTN RC1990 Switch Box
certificate for explosive environments.
RCC200 Steel Actuator with RC1990 Ex-proofed Switch Box suits our customers valve applications perfectly, both offshore and onshore.

All Remote Control products are made under strict quality control. We are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


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