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RCE-SR for on-off or regulating of ball valves, plug valves and dampers.
The best solution when you are looking for electric actuators with spring return and manual override.


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RCE-SR for Safety and Accuracy  

RCE-SR is an Electric Spring Return actuator with Spring to Open or Spring to Close function when the electricity is shut off, either from

the control room or by an accident. The RCE-SR series is available for normal applications and applications in Hazardous Areas.
Fail Safe
The RCE-SR actuators are used for safety function of ball or butterfly valves in for example Oil Pipe Line applications. By switching the signal to emergency mode or by a power failure the Spring Return function will operate the valve to the decided safety position open or closed.

Tank filling with high capacity and high accuracy
RCE-SR actuators with dosing function are used for applications at tank farms and filling stations for tank wagons, oil & petrol distribution trucks and bunker ships.
The RCE-SR actuator keeps the valve fully 100% open during the quick filling. When the tank wagon, truck or ship is almost full, a control signal is sent to the RCE-SR, which closes the valve down to a decided dosing position, maybe 10% open. Now the flow is very low and the top filling is made very accurate.
This way the tank farms and filling stations have quick filling with increased delivery capacity and the best accuracy.
Example 1.
An oil filling station for distribution trucks equipped with RCE-SR actuators has a filling capacity for each valve of 1800 litres/minute and still the top filling is within 1 Litre margin.
Example 2.
By an emergency shut down or a loss of power when the valve is fully open and the flow is 1800 litres/minute, the RCE-SR will close the valve so quick that only 32 litres goes through the valve after the emergency signal.
Fire dampers with reliable emergency function
RCE-SR actuators equipped with fire protection jackets are used for applications on fire dampers in subway and tunnel systems.
The actuators are functional tested for ambient temperatures up to +250 C for 2 Hours.
During the test the Spring Return safety function operated the dampers to the decided emergency position and kept the damper stable.
This is the RCE-SR unit without protection jacket. It will be positioned with the actuator vertical and mounted on dampers in subway stations.

Total quantity for this project: 710 pcs RCE-SR.
Safety at low and high ambient temperatures
RCE-SR actuators are used for indoor and outdoor applications.

Temperature ranges:
3-phase motor standard: -40 C to + 40C (-40 F to +104 F)
1-phase motor standard: -20 C to + 40 C (- 4 F to + 104 F)
3-phase motor in Ex design: -20 C to +40 C (-4 F to + 104 F)

RCE-SR can be supplied for 3-phase 400V / 230V / 50HZ and
1-phase 230V/50Hz

Torque range: 57 Nm to 5,620 Nm (500 lbf.in. to 49,700 lbf.in.)
Safety all over the world
RCE-SR actuators are used for safety function on valves and dampers from Svalbard in North to Sidney in South. By an emergency
shut-down or a power failure the well proven Spring Return Safety function operates the valve to the decided emergency position Open or Closed.

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