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At Remote Control customer satisfaction is our No.1 priority.
Valve manufacturers and stockists alike know that today's
business demands fast and on time deliveries every time.


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Remote Control always wants to help its customers. One example of this is as follows:

Thursday am October 27th Thursday pm October 27th
An urgent inquiry about whether we can deliver Our customer places the following order:
approx 300 actuators is received. RC210DA - 171 pcs
  RC220DA -   95 pcs
The answer is: Remote Control can deliver all the actuators RC230DA -   20 pcs
from stock. Our goal is to keep a good supply of actuators on stock RC240DA -   21 pcs
at all times to facilitate our customers with quick deliveries. RC250DA -   10 pcs
  RC260DA -   15 pcs
  In total: 332 pcs in various sizes.
These are standard on-the-shelf actuators at Remote Control.

Friday am October 28th the actuators are packed.

Steady hands make sure the actuators are securely packed.




Packed and ready to ship during the morning.

Nice work guys, the customer will be pleased.

Friday pm October 28th the actuators
are shipped from Remote Control.



Naturally most of our agents keep a sufficient stockpile of Remote Control actuators, but occasionally our customers
need a little extra help from us and we always do our best to assist our customers. Satisfied customers,
who confide in Remote Control, often return with their business.

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reliable products are always the right solution.
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